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The first three articles below connect carefully-documented political arguments among the leaders of the American Revolution to a succession of events that reconstructed the mercantilist tyranny against which the founders had staked their lives in the American Revolution. More importantly, these articles make understandable how this history produced our suffocating and corrupt modern regulatory system, who is sponsoring it, and how it affects you today, particularly environmental regulation, which is the principal justification offered for the current growth in centralized authority.

Patrick Henry "Ratified": The Treaty Power, Its Perils and Portents
A discussion of how and why modern treaties can be enforced "legally" upon signature of the President, without ratification or even after rejection. Their terms can even be changed without concurrence. This is effectively non-representative government, that directs where you live, and what you must pay for the goods you need to survive in the modern world.

Kelo & the 14th Amendment: Exploring a Constitutional Koan
The Civil Rights Act of 1866 was modified with the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment to include "fictitious persons" (corporations) as "citizens of the United States," thus acquiring Federal protection of the privileges and immunities of natural persons. An exposition on the consequences of the resulting "selective incorporation" doctrine of the US Supreme Court.

Energy Racketeering: The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
A summary of the consequences of the above articles in their current context. The origins and history of regulatory power as the resurgence of European mercantilism via tax-exempt foundations and environmental law. How the current system works using the example of NRDC manipulation of the California energy market and the State's politicans.

A Well Regulated Militia: Bringing Our Country Together... with the Second Amendment?
At the time the Constitution was written, the authors, and particularly Madison, supported a well-justified fear of police power and a standing army. The Second Amendment was instituted to emulate the Swiss model, mandating military training for the entire able-bodied male population to sustain a national defense. In no way is the American public today prepared to execute that charge. With a nation so badly divided today, the training required to fix that deficiency is also a way to unite the nation. The necessary tools are already in the law.

Titus Lucretius Carus and “Nature” as Urbane Myth
The origin of the modern belief that Nature is self-optimizing when kept separate from people is in the writings of a 1st Century BC Roman poet, Titus Lucretius Carus. His poem, De Rerum Natura was adopted by the philosophers of the 18th Century Enlightenment, in part as a means to demean religion. Yet there are serious errors in this foundational myth: (1) At least part of Lucretius' teachings had Jewish origins in the Book of Genesis, and (2) there is significant damage done to wildland habitat due to the modern urbane myth that "Nature" is best left undisturbed by people.

Knowledge Economy: A Simple and Workable Plan to Transform Education
As revolutionary an approach as you will ever see, anywhere.

An Interview with Mark Vande Pol
This 2005 interview of me by Sunni Marrivellosa of the Future of Freedom Foundation probably offers more than you ever wanted to know about where I am coming from on a wide range of issues.


Wildergarten 6.2: ©Wildergarten Press, 2008-22. This 1,700 page picture book in 30 separate Adobe Reader files is free for you to read on this site. It details our 33-year native plant restoration project, its history, principles, accomplishments, and technical developments.

Natural Process: That Environmental Laws May Serve the Laws of Nature, ©Wildergarten Press, 2001, 454pp, ISBN: 0-9711793-0-1, LOC Control #2001092201. This is an exposition on the principals of regulatory government, why we need free market environmental management, and how to make it happen.

Shemitta: For the Land is Mine: ©Wildergarten Press, 2009. This presents a rediscovery of the original purpose for the Biblical Sabbath for the Land, lost since the death of Moses, when Joshua crossed the Jordan over 3,000 years ago. This was a set of logistical preparations for a national militia, social laws for managing and enabling the poor, and environmental rules that controlled pests, inoculated soils, and precluded systemic decadence, together forming a stabilizing feed-forward system of periodic disturbance. Contains: 217pp text, 980pp overall, 14 picture books, 2 tables, 963 photographs, 9 maps, 2 drawings, 2 charts, 145 footnotes, 358 citations, and 216 other source references, not including external Internet links. ISBN 978-0-9711793-1-8.

Collected writings on Constitutional history and regulatory racketeering by tax-exempt “charitable” foundations.

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