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This site and project are privately owned by a married couple. We are not funded by any outside individual, industry, foundation, trust, conservancy, agency, or donations. Although such has never materialized, we would accept project assistance, but no direct funds of any kind from anyone. No, we are not independently wealthy, we are simply independent and wish to so remain.

Obviously, after writing three books proposing better ways to do things, there are plans to implement much of what they say. The goals are two:

  1. Restore as much land to private management as is possible, including substantial divestiture of so-called “public” lands, (now the fiefdom of unaccountable bureaucracies, tax-exempt foundations, and the courts). The existing bureaucratic system would be replaced with a competitive market in risk management with which to optimize land use including its native attributes (plants, insects, fungi, game, and other resources). Overlapping management contracts for these environmental assets and mitigations of risks thereto would optimize each site according to its most profitable aggregation of uses.
  2. Foster a nomadic cohort parallel to our agro-urban civilization to accomplish much of that work at lower operating and infrastructural cost. This will require significant technical developments to minimize the need for and impact of transported supplies and services over rugged terrain. This is a critical social need in a society whose means of sating its physical wants are steadily being displaced by fiat currency supplying free capital to procure automated replacements for human factor inputs. This kind of work would be very hard to automate.

If you wish to know more about the ‘what and why’ of it all, along with our more immediate and tangible goals, please consult the Project Overview chapter of the Wildergarten picture book.

If you do wish to help or have constructive critical comments, please contact us at Wildergarten Press. Kudos, warm fuzzies, and criticisms are welcome, but please be polite. Nobody would do what I do without caring very deeply about land and wildlife, not to mention our freedom to disagree.

Qualified visitors are welcome by appointment only. Unfortunately, I have caught people representing the granddaddy of all real estate rackets trespassing here already (The Nature Conservancy, a tool of the major stockholders of British Petroleum) and have observed others doing the same, seeking to establish a trespass easement. Both were tracking in exotic seed on their contaminated boots. Accordingly, please be advised: If I catch you on our property without permission, then you will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Sorry, but that had to be said; I do what I can to protect this land from unintentional damage, whether by the merely curious, aggressive self-aggrandizing bureaucrats, or the witless dupes of major corporations... er... grant recipients of tax-exempt "charitable" foundations, "conservancies," land "trusts," and other front groups of major corporate stockholders. All three do far more damage than they know.

Thank you.

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