Help Us Get the Word Out

Below are some links to various materials that can be used to tell your friends about the book. In addition to the links, we have free pre-printed promotional materials to qualified requestors (see below). Each of these files is designed for specific media depending upon what you have available or can afford. Please read the description of each file carefully before you make a selection or send it to someone else.

All of these files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Download the Acrobat e-book Reader (Free)

Emailable Matter

If you wish to distribute this material, please do.

These files are similar to our printed promos, but they have internal links and LOW RESOLUTION images suitable for email notices. The black and white versions are better for laser printing and copying. Please do not mass-produce these files. Use the high-resolution versions below instead.

Color Promo Sheet

Black & White Promo Sheet

Color Tri-Fold Flyer

Black & White Tri-Fold Flyer

Printed Matter

We have printed and folded Trifold Flyers. Please provide mailing information, on our contact form along with how many flyers you need in the Comments box.

Bigger Files for Download

These pdf files include a good double-sided promo sheet for putting on a display table and the Tri-Fold Flier. The color sheets are suitable for Bubble-Jet output on glossy paper or offset printing. The black and white files produce high quality laser output. Please run only the black and white files through a photocopier. The color files do not photocopy well.

COLOR Promo Sheet (4MB)

Black & White Promo Sheet (2MB)

COLOR Tri-Fold Flyer (12MB)

Black & White Tri-Fold Flyer (6MB)

 Please help all of us by choosing and sending your files carefully!

Thank you!